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Monday, 7 November 2011

Lamb's Math

While I am doing the updating.....

I have found a few different ways of reinforcing addition and subtraction.
The playdough mats are from here.
Bead threading.
I just put a plus or minus card and a number in front of Lamb without talking and he carried out the instruction counting to himself.

I made a teens board out of cardboard though I have plans to make one that is a little more robust.
and we have worked with the beads a few times.
We have reviewed number ordering to ten and also worked our way up to twenty
I just put the number cards face up in front of Lamb and he works his way through (he does skip thirteen sometimes) and when he is finished I get him to count through the cards putting his finger on each one to reinforce it.
Because he seemed to be streaming through the counting I pulled out the numbered cubes I made for a hundreds board but used a control chart so that it is a matching exercise to begin with, and pushed him up to thirty.
He has also mastered the binomial cube so I will pulling the trinomial out for him shortly

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