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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The Grampians

  Our family recently spent a week 'hiking' in The Grampians.
The children really enjoyed waking up to kangaroos outside our windows each morning, searching for lizards in every bush and rock and walking.
They love to walk!

Lamb and Cherry throwing rocks into Lake Wartook (family pastime!) and my husband helping Lamb across the rocks at Mackenzie falls (Yes, my heart was in my mouth, the waterfall is literally right behind them)

Lamb insisted upon taking his backpack in order to be just like Daddy and Cherry seemed to do better on the more challenging walks. She seemed to get bored on the easier walks and then ask to be carried.

We decided it would be great to make a sport...extreme picnicing.
The children here are perched on a rockface bordering beehive falls having a lemon and barley drink!
Amidst the remains of bush fires many months before

Possibly the highlight was coming across this shingleback crossing the road. Lamb greeted him in 'lizard fashion' (note the tongue)

When we came home we thought it would be fun to make a book about all the animals we saw on our adventures.


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