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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Lamb's language

I realised I haven't updated where Lamb is at for a while....

We have started using the ready to read units from the moffatt girls.
We are up to the second unit moving very slowly. Lamb is a little young for the 'crack the sight word' games but really enjoys singing the sight words and sorting and colouring word families.
Sorting ig and ip words
I also got out a few 'nouns' so that we could construct sentences with the sight words.

Stamping word families

I also made the reading cards that I made for him for simple cvc words  for the blends based on the blue word list. We read and build them with the moveable alphabet.

Through all of this he has been coming along in leaps and bounds with reading but not writing which is backwards to the way I expected it to be.
He will construct words with the moveable alphabet if I give him an incentive for later and he loves to trace letters in the salt tray but tracing or writing on paper he just isn't into and his pencil grip has been dismal no matter how many times I show him so....

we have been doing some sponging
and some work with nuts and bolts to encourage those little fngers.

I am pleased to say that Lamb CAN now hold a pencil correctly and is enjoying colouring for the first time being as he has better control over where the pencil travels and has even traced a couple of words for me!
The only thing I battle with now is the perfectionist in him that wants to use his eraser every time his lines aren't exactly where they ought to be...oi oi oi!

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