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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Musical Instruments

The winkles and I have finished up a unit on musical instruments.

I started off by printing a set of musical instrument pictures from Counting Coconuts and popping them into a basket. The children would pull a card from the basket and we would search Youtube! Very basic activity and just perfect for afternoons when pregnant Mummy is feeling tired but it gave them a good overview of the instruments, what they sound like and how they are played.

We also got out all of our kiddie instruments and our house was NOISY for a fortnight.

We made shakers.
And  Lamb made a rainmaker...
There was winding the wool around the forked twig...
Threading on some beads and bottle tops I punched some holes in the top of...
And tada!

We also have free music concerts each year at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl each year so we went along to those...

And after all of that Daddy decided Lamb should have his wish... a drum...
Rhythm lessons in our lounge!

Introduction to Geography

I am sure I'm not the only one who snapped up Karen Tyler's Geography album for free.
I have had several unit studies planned for the beginning on the year so I have just popped in the odd Geography activity to introduce the children to the concept more or less.
Lamb was very weirded out by me bringing dirt inside the house but really enjoyed playing with the compass and getting the felt continents map out again.
We drew our first cornmeal maps
This was by far the most fun. We drew a map of the house and I laminated it that night for the following day. Lamb chose one of his favourite cars, I hid it in the house then drew arrows he had to follow to find his car. We did it about six times and would have carried on and on!