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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

finishing up with snakes

I have to admit that the majority of our snake unit consisted of reading the books we got from the library and then 'playing' snakes with shoelaces (a game Lamb devised) but we did a few fun activities.

Lamb practised with scissors and made a spiral snake

I introduced the concept of even and odd numbers with our snake counters (pipecleaners)
We made some cardboard snakes.
The photo doesn't show it up very well but we went through some of the books we got from the library and talked about the characteristics of the different snakes (slender heads versus triangular shaped heads, spots or zigzags, sleek skin or rough) and then coloured our snakes accordingly. Several times Lamb pointed out that I hadn't blended the colours together correctly or that I actually needed a dark green while I had a light one...ahem.
Then we placed them on the continents map.
So I think I'm about done with reptiles for a while...time for something very different...

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