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Sunday, 23 October 2011


The winkles and I have had fun over the last couple of weeks making playscapes.
I have always sorted their toys into categories I suppose but haven't pulled them out and set them up in order to provoke interest.

Here I pulled out some fabric I already had (for grass) and set up their barn with barn animals. I put brown fabric in the trough for mud for the pig and we set up a fence for the other animals.
Then Lamb decided we needed water so the little spot of blue came out and we made a bridge for the birds (so they didn't get eaten by the crocodile) and then we needed trees apparently for the deer so I pulled these out of his wooden Thomas set. Both winkles played for ages!

For Cherry's birthday party I set this up out in the garden complete with a tray containing her tea set and toaster. The little girls were enthralled and one or several were in there for the entire afternoon.

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