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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Dinosaur unit

While I have had lots of material to use for a dinosaur unit I hadn't planned to do one right now and then last week we went to the library and Lamb insisted we get out not one but four books on dinosaurs....from the non fiction section no less.We have spent a lot of time going through these books and discussing the different characteristics of the dinosaurs. He got out all of his toy dinosaurs to match them to pictures in the books then telling me which dinosaurs we really should buy, apparently 'must haves' in the mind of an almost four year old boy.

So Mummy got busy.

Lamb's dinosaurs (complete with a few of the 'must haves' on his list) with a little container of cubes, some red for meat and some green for plants so that we can feed the dinosaurs based on whether they are herbivore or carnivore.

Dinosaur egg spooning (Cherry mostly does this)

Some dinosaur books and breed cards that I got from Montessori Print Shop

Part of a dinosaur unit I got from the Teachers pay teachers website

Both of the children leapt into the activities with gusto but quickly they wanted to put the dinosaurs into the eggs...I had thought of this too but our little dinos don't fit!
So I gathered together a group of jars and plastic containers with different lids and popped the little dinos with it so they could put them into the jars.

Not exactly eggs but an open and close activity nonetheless and the winkles loved it!

We've got a lot more ideas so I'm excited for dinosaurs!

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