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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Under the sea

We started looking at things under the sea while we were away and have continued work on it when we came home.
Lamb in particular has always been very interested in sea creatures. His favourite animal is a humpback whale and he has watched the documentary we have on whales multiple times. He is also desperate to learn to swim so that he can go snorkelling!

As with everything, a unit on ocean creatures began with a trip to the library.

I printed out some pictures of common fish found in each ocean and we used Lamb's childrens atlas to find where they lived.

We did some ocean cutting strips I got from here.

The children watched several of the documentaries from our Planet Earth Series.

And we did lots of crafts!!!

We made jellyfish from paper plates with cellophane tentacles. The children carefully moved the jellyfish just as they've watched them in the ocean themed dvds and took great pleasure in having their fish swim into the tentacles and get trapped.

We also did a collage of a humpback whale
I think I might have made it a little big as even with help from Mum they didn't manage to finish it.

We used food colouring on a watercolour paper template of a fish.
This was the final result. Lamb said he was giving the fish scales which gave me another idea.

I just drew a rough outline of a fish on paper and cut out circles from blue paper and some from chocolate wrappers I saved for the purpose and the children made glittery scaled fish.

I managed to snap Cherry doing this stamp painting with a fish that I cut out from a kitchen sponge. I used the ones with the scourer on one side so that it was a little firmer for her to handle and it worked really well.

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