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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

20 month activities

Here are a few of the activities I have been doing with Cherry around twenty months old.

Learning our colours. I can't remember where I printed these colour nomenclature cards from but something similar should be pretty easy to find. I gave her a little container filled with marbles, little pom poms, counters for board games and fimo fruit for her to match to the right colour.

I also introduced her to numbers and counters. We have a little container with red beads and the numbers are from a foam set I bought on special. When I first showed her this I thought I had pitched way too far ahead but after a few times she can now recognise the numbers one through three and gets the concept of counting out the right number, she just gets the order mixed up sometimes. I might leave it for a little while until she can count in order comfortably and then bring it out again.

Though the photo is not very clear, she is putting the sticks from our sticks and blocks activity into a shaker. I guess matchsticks or toothpicks with the tips removed would work just as well.

It would appear that Cherry loves to collage. I was doing an activity with Lamb that involved glue sticks. When I looked over, there she was gluing down some coloured paper so I ripped it up for her so that she could have some gluing fun. She asks to do this quite a lot now.

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