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Sunday, 10 April 2011

The sense of touch

I decided it would be a great idea to delve a little more deeply into the five senses.
Lamb knows what they are and the body part responsible of course but I thought it might present an opportunity to hone those senses by isolating them and doing activities associated with them.
Cherry is also at the age where she is fascinated to learn and repeat the names of body parts.

Starting with the sense of touch I made up a puzzle of the bones in the hand from cardboard
The labels are obviously quite involved so it becomes a lesson in remembering the names of the bones and then finding the first letter of that word in order to 'label' them. He was quite cross about the word 'phalanges' to start with because of course that starts with 'ph' not 'f'. I explained to him that I would have to teach him the blends and now when he does the puzzle he leaves it until last then states that I still have to teach him the blends.

I also printed up some body part three part cards.
This is the first time I have given Lamb three part cards. I think at present he works out which label goes where based on the first letter again.

I also printed out some digit cards and we've been number ordering and 'adding' with them.

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  1. hulloo my lovely! so nice to visit with you on here! and see what you are up to - I so love blogs as you know so will add this very special one to my daily reads....hurray! wonderful pics of the podlets. xxxx to you all