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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Salt Dough Hands

In theme of our first 'sense', the sense of touch', I decided we should make some hands from salt dough (recipe is at the bottom)
Rolling out the salt dough
Following which Lamb and Cherry held very still while I traced around their hands. We baked them in the oven.
So now we play 'the hand game'..."Can you touch something that is smooth? dry? sticky? starts with 't'"...whatever it might be. Lamb has to think for a while on some of them and Cherry just wombles along following Lamb. Funnily enough without the little hands to use this would be a game I would struggle to get them to play along with!

100 grams of plain flour
50 grams of salt
1 teaspoon of cooking oil
80 mls of water
I doubled this and we made some beads at the same time that Lamb ran a toothpick through. We'll paint them up later and use them for threading.

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