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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

17 month old activities

Some of the things I have been doing with Cherry over the last month or so...
I was so excited when this set arrived...for Lamb who has not shown any interest in making pictures with the blocks. He wants to work out how many diamonds or triangles make up a hexagon which has worked out to be a fabulous precursor for fractions.
Cherry on the other hand loves to match the blocks up helping her learn to identify colours and shapes.
Putting popsicle sticks into a cannister that I cut a popsicle stick sized slot in the top of. She loves this and did it every day for the first couple of weeks.
Making some scones with Mum. She is very good at stirring but wasn't interested in pressing the dough. She gave it one try before exclaiming "Dirty! Hands?" while holding her hands out for me to wipe them!
Spooning rice from one cup to the other...we're getting there. She tries very hard and gently tut tuts herself when she drops it.
Squeezing lemons though she kept taking the squeezer out of the bowl and licking the lemon!

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