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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Salt tray

Lamb has well and truly hit his sensitive period for letters...YAY!
I started presenting them to him at two years and four months and it took another five months before he was actually interested in them.
Over the last six weeks he has progressed so much it's been wonderful to be a part of!
He has been very interested in finding what letter a word begins with so we did some activities like this:
A basket of random objects that he matches up to the beginning sounds.

We sit at the table at meal times and he insatiably finds words that rhyme with others. He can often think of rhymes that I haven't thought of! And he has begun sounding out three letter phonetic words and building them with the moveable alphabet which has been so exciting for me to watch.
Enter the salt tray....
He was losing interest in the sandpaper letters until I brought the salt tray out. He went from letter to letter tracing the sandpaper version first and then tracing it in the salt for a good twenty minutes and apart from occasionally encouraging him to try again when the letter didn't come out well or he didn't trace it correctly...I was redundant....I just sat there! 

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