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Thursday, 19 July 2012


We have just finished our unit on frogs and done very well considering we have been incorporating a newborn into our household at the same time...


The children had a great time with this froggy jump game that I picked up from KMart for $1. They were much better at it than I was.
That was on the shelf with a frog themed memory game I got free from Montessori Print Shop.

Also from Montessori Print Shop, I got a set of printable life cycle cards and nomenclature cards which we used as three part cards. Lamb seemed to really enjoy this so I think we will have to do a few more of these activities.
On the right I have a little hidden number game and I can't find where I got it from! Cherry loved this and has been working on recognising some of the numbers she is not so sure about.

This is the same PDF as the memory game but in matching form.

By far the most used aspect of this unit was the book basket filled with frog themed books from our new local library (which is fabulous for children! YAY!). We read books about different breeds of frogs, how to classify amphibians and a frog's life cycle as well as a few kiddie books with cartoon frogs.
We watched several You Tube clips about frogs and our Life series has a dvd on amphibians that we revisited.

Lamb also did a 3D build a frog with Daddy which we subsequently painted. He insisted upon doing a strawberry poison dart frog so we had the breed card from our little kids National Geographic magazines.

The children also had a field trip to a mini zoo that houses mostly reptiles and birds but had several different breeds of frogs on display as well. They went with Daddy while baby and I rested so sadly....no photos.

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