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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Gingerbread Men

As we have adjusted to life with baby Winkle in tow, I had preplanned a few easier units...ones that I thought would invoke less questions from Lamb ( questions usually involve more indepth researching than I thought I would have time for) and a bit more craft (that baby can play on the floor for).

Gingerbread men!!
We got a version of the story from our local library and also have 'The Lamington Man' from the Aussie Gems series which is a lot of fun.
Reading two different versions of the story led the children to work the story into their games with different toys playing different parts (lovely to see that creative story telling)

We made gingerbread then of course had to decorate them...
The winkles really loved this! Even Lamb who has traditionally not been into anything crafty unless it's something with wheels that he could maybe play with later. They did about 20 (with help from Mummy and Arma) and had a great time distributing them between their cousins at the family day we had the following day)

We also did some language activities with printables I got from here
Lamb is getting very familiar with the process of sound, build and write which is great!

We did a couple of craft activities as well...

I printed several gingerbread men outlines (sorry not sure from where). Cherry coloured several and is suddenly really detailed about where to position eyes, ears etc. Here I ripped up a brown paper bag so we could collage...

I also introduced Lamb to the concept of graphing with a sheet from here

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