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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Cherry's activities

As Cherry approaches 32 months...
she has become a lot more interested in her letters. She sits at our little table and chairs dictating letters for herself to write (they come out gibberish on the page of course), sings the alphabet in the toilet a lot (there is an alphabet chart on the back of the door) and has started tracing the sandpaper letters with care.
We have introduced her to numbers up to nine with the bead material. Her counting is flawless but she still needs help matching to numbers above six.
Here she is sponging water from one bowl to another.
She is also a regular fixture in the kitchen now. While Lamb tops and tails beans, she is chopping mushrooms with a butter knife and she is so much like her Mummy....
...this is how orderly she leaves her chopping board!

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