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Monday, 6 February 2012


Over the last couple of weeks the Winkles and I have been looking at metamorphosis.

I had collected a few 'shells' left behind by cicadas at the beginning of the summer so firstly we had a good look at those with the magnifying glass.
Then we watched a clip of David Attenborough's about the life cycle of cicadas.
Here is the link if you want to check it out on Youtube

I made up some cards for the lifecycle of the cicada by doing a google images search
And once they were used to the terms that were in the life cycle we picked up some books from the library and I expanded our little chart to include pictures of ladybugs, butterflies, house flies and grasshoppers to cover the difference between complete and incomplete metamorphosis.
(For those who aren't sure: grasshoppers and cicadas have an incomplete metamorphosis from egg to nymph to adult while the others are complete going from egg to larvae to pupa to adult)

Here they are deciding on which picture comes next from the assorted ones I printed and laminated.
They both really enjoyed the activity!

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