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Monday, 6 February 2012

Cherry's Activities

I haven't posted about what my little Miss has been up to for some time so here we are...

Cherry is now 27 months old.
Chopping bananas with a bread and butter knife for practical life.
Eye dropping water from one cup to another to exercise those little fingers.
First time with scissors (I know, it looks so wrong). She pretty much just clipped around the edges of each square but was so intent upon it!
We went for a walk one day. Cherry and Lamb picked up these seed pods to bring home so I used them for little spoons for a transfer activity. The little purple tray has fruit shapes in it for making ice cubes and it kept Cherry amused for quite a while (she is still messy with the rice and not quite adept with the brush and shovel to clean up her messes). I love the way she is sitting (so ladylike).
Here I blutacked some golf tees to a tray and she threaded the beads on top. It kept her completely quiet during a morning 'school' session (normally she asks Lamb a lot of questions about his activity and he gets a bit cross when he is trying  to sound out words and things while she is making "all this noise")
Here she is with the knobless cylinders and the pattern cards from Montessori print shop.
Cherry has learnt several letter sounds, so lately I have done a few activities to ensure she can tell the difference between them. We have coloured in flowers that I draw for her with different letters on the petals. Here I drew a basic little garden scene and wrote letters on the flowers, the sun etc and she dot painted the letter we were looking for. Lamb would never have taken to an activity like this, he has always been more hands on with traditional Montessori items but Cherry enjoys book work a little more.

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