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Monday, 16 January 2012

Setting up for 2012

Seeing as this is the year that Silas would be attending four year old kindergarten, I decided that I might spruce up the children's area of operations.
Until now they have more or less sat at the dining room table to do activities with Mummy or on the lounge floor with their mats and things from their shelves.
Unfortunately we don't have space to have all of their school things together so the shelves will stay in the lounge but when a friend handed down a little kids table and chairs, Mummy got to work.
I gave the table and chairs a paint job so that they were fresh and white on the surfaces the children would use (they came with a bright blue Winnie the Pooh pattern which I thought might be distracting).
Then I sewed the little book bags for the backs of their chairs.
I involved the children in the process in that we went to the fabric shop together and the children chose which fabric they would like.
They are SO easy to make.
You simply cut and pin the pocket together and then the extra  piece of fabric for over the back of the chair gets pinned on too. I got all the seams together with a little adjusting here and there and the iron so that everything sat flat then I sewed ONCE around the edge of the entire thing holding it all together!

Once I bought some new pens and the tins the children were BUSY for days getting their scrapbooks out of their pockets and sharing their new pens, discussing what they were drawing.

It is so great for Cherry to have an area to get busy whenever she wants to and Lamb never wants to! But now that it's there, he too has been busy drawing away! YAY!

The display on the wall is from the Ready to Read units by the moffat girls which we have been using (they really are great), and I even have room just behind them to set up our chalkboard so that I can play teacher....their new calendar is there also....

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