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Monday, 12 December 2011

Rainbow activities

The winkles and I have been having fun with rainbows so far...
Lamb and I painted a rainbow together
The whole way through he kept saying, "I really enjoy painting with you Mum"...NOTE: do this MUCH more often.
Once we had finished painting it, we turned it into a colour matching exercise for Cherry.

And then to jazz up snack time today, I set the winkles to chopping...
and then arranged everything in rainbow form...
Pink (watermelon), Purple (sultanas and craisins), Blue (blueberries...the best I could think of, the Winkles were satisfied with the explanation that they are called BLUE berries), Green (Avocado and broccoli), Yellow (Banana and Cheese), Orange (Bbq rice crackers and carrot sticks) and Red (Strawberries).
They both got such a kick out of this and sat there happily munching away on a really random combination of foods, some of which they won't usually eat.
How great!

We also made a rainbow cake (not so healthy)

And with all the colour action I set up a colour mixing activity for Lamb
I put red, yellow and blue food colouring in three polystyrene cups that I cut the top off to make child sized then Lamb used an eye dropped to mix the right amount of colour in to make green, orange and purple.
That wasn't enough though so...
I drew pencil circles on a sheet of baking paper and blu tacked that to a cookie tray (I think this activity idea is from John Bowman's ebook....and Lamb used the eye dropper to squeeze the colours onto the dots.
He hasn't done this activity before so, as you can see, some dots were huge and others not so much but he spent a good twenty five minutes filling a couple of sheets of dots!

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