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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Five senses at an end

Firstly apologies for everything being crooked....we are away on a job with my husband so I'm using his laptop late at night when he's home and everything is different!

Over the course of looking at the five senses we have done a few art or craft activities.

We did paper plate faces ( Mummy helped with the glasses)

We 'broomed' crayon cars on sandpaper (both the winkles loved this!)

And we painted pictures of ears with ear buds (I just did this with Lamb as I thought for sure Cherry would have it in her ear!)

So that's a wrap for our five senses....

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  1. Painting ears with ear buds - brilliant!! My youngest would probably have chewed them...he had a go at the glue stick this morning while his sister and I were trying to do a craft!!