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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Smelling spices

How I wish I had taken photos but alas I enjoyed the moment too much (and also didn't want to interrupt it) but yesterday Lamb created a Montessori activity on his own.
I was at the computer. He opened the pantry on the pretense of having a discussion about what he would like for a snack then proceeded to scan the shelves naming things and asking about things he didn't know the names of.
Next thing I knew he had all of my little spice jars down all lined up in a row and was counting them. Then there he was carefully removing the lids, smelling them and holding them up to ask me the name of the herb or spice that was contained within the jar.
He repeated it several times then put them all back into the basket they were in and toddled off to do something else!
I had never even thought of that for an activity but what a great idea!

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