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Saturday, 19 February 2011

A new focus in 2011

Well...here goes...my first post.
About six months ago I was having a conversation with my cousin who was visiting me from the States about our thoughts on home educating our children, the reasons for it and what we hoped to achieve. She mentioned that it sounded as though a lot of our goals were similar to Montessori methods...so I looked it up.
Since then I've read two of Maria Montessori's books and countless blogs of Mummies applying some of these techniques to the home environment.
This year I decided that I would start 'preschooling' our children a little more actively involving these methods. A part of that is to keep a journal of their activities and their progress. The other motivation for me was to connect myself with the online community of women doing much the same thing.
I have already gained so much for my children in reading the blogs of others so hopefully I can do the same for someone else!

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